Vai Beach at Toplou

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This is an exotic beach with the only palm of Europe and is located 24 km east of Sitia. It is a beach with fine sand and pebbles from a real oasis for the desert landscape of eastern Crete. The beach is well organized with water sports, plenty of sun loungers, parasols, cafes, restaurants etc. The beach is unique Vai palm forest in Europe with its beautiful beach and clear sea at the northern tip of Cape Province on the Sidero is a unique corner beauty of Cretan nature. The palms grow wild here and clusters cover the majority of the small stream to the sea. Vai , apart from aesthetic and has also a high ecological value. The wetland created between Palm Beach is important for the birds and the sea grows immense wealth of marine life. The journey by car from Sitia takes about 20 minutes.

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Kouremenos Anchorage

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Poumpelle Beach at Toplou

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Small absolutely deserted sandy beach. There is no organization so make sure you have supplies with you - an umbrella, hat, water, etc.


Just north of the beautiful palm grove and beach is the sandy beach of Syros .And here the visitor can combine the good swim with the visit of the ruins of ancient Itanos.

From the point of Syros you arrive by car you can take away - 5 minutes - the path (you'll find very easily) over the hill. At the end of the trail you will find an amazing beach with coarse sand.

From the point of Syros you arrive by car you can take away - 5 minutes - the footpath next to the old town of Itanos. Behind the hill you will find a very pretty little secluded beach with coarse sand.

This small beach is not organised but is the most beautiful in the region. The low surrounding hills isolate it and offer an almost silent, 'private', but also exceptionally beautiful beach.

Beautiful little secluded beach with a small colored pebbles 23 km from Sitia and just 4 from Palekastro. The clear blue waters of the Libyan Sea will fascinate you.

Kouremenos Beach

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Very long sandy beach Kouremenos (1.5 km long) is located 21 km east of Sitia and 2 km east of the village in the bay Palekastro Grant.

Chiona Beach

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Chiona is located 22 km away from Sitia and 2 km from Palekastro It is not only offers clear, cool waters but also the traditional soup of Crete, which anyone can enjoy in the picturesque taverns. Along the beach there are trees which generously offer their shade.


Skinia Beach at Agkathia

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Skinias beach is actually a wide area, 4 km southeast of Palekastro and between Snow and Beach Karoumes. A series of small coves with sand and pebbles, crystal clear waters and wild natural beauty.

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