Kefalonia - Sami Day Cruise

Private Day Cruise in Kefalonia, Ionian Islands

Koutsoupia Beach - Antisamos - Sami - Melissani Lake

We depart in the morning. Our first stop is made at Koutsoupia beach or Mini Myrtos. Real gem! Koutsoupia Beach is a tropical beach and relatively unknown to the average visitor of Kefalonia. Located in a remote location and is accessible only by sea. Expensive yachts belonging to famous personalities and who each year come again to enjoy this unique place with its blue waters. We make a stop to enjoy a swim and the beautiful landscape with green hills and blue waters. Our next stop is Antisamos beach. It has its own unique beauty. Antisamos beach has been awarded with a blue flag, the landscape combines all shades of blue and green, where the vegetation reaches almost into the sea. In Antisamos it is regular some of the summer evenings to chance upon concerts. Antisamos was made famous by the filming of "Captain Corelli's Mandolin" with Penelope Cruz and Nicolas Cage. The surrounding area is connected with the project shooting. Here in these trees was made a whole village just for the needs of the film. We leave behind us Antisamo after a delightful dive and we set sail for Sami, a picturesque village where we stop for lunch. From Sami we can visit by bus, Lake Melissani. A unique geological phenomenon, Lake Cave Melissani is located 2 km. northwest of Sami. The natural entrance of the cave is vertical measuring 40x50 m. and was created by the collapse of a section of the roof. Nevertheless, there is also an artificial entrance with stairs that allows the visitor to get into to the cave. The cave was discovered by John Petrohilos in 1951. The lake is 20 m. below the ground surface, has a length of 160 m. And the water has a depth of 10 m. to 40 m. Stalactites of age 20,000 years with odd shapes adorn most of the cave. While on our way back to base we make a stop at the picturesque Poros. Poros is the third port of Kefalonia and simultaneously a very pretty village which combines mountain and sea. We take some commemorative photos over our ship, and we are heading back late in the evening. Main bases are in Kyllini, Zante and Poros Kefalonias. Please communicate with us if you require departure from an alternative starting point. We can also organize cruises from Katakolo. We can also arrange fishing trips and events upon request. Daily cruises usually start at 9:00 am and end at 17:00.

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The daily price for Princess and Ferretti 46 includes: bunkers which are calculated at today's rate; crew; VAT 24%, bottle of wine/4 persons; fruit salad; soft drinks and water. The daily price for San Lorenzo includes bunkers which are calculated at today's rate,VAT 24% and crew. There is a bar available where the guest can buy drinks and snacks at low prices. Please note that San Lorenzo is a daily private cruise boat. Princess and Ferretti 46 is in the category of private yachts.

Cancelation Policy

40% of the charter rate if the booking is cancelled at any time up to 30 days prior to the start date 100% of the charter rate if the booking is cancelled within 30 days prior to the start date