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David B. , Italian

Charter Date: 2016-09-24

Renato was a fine skipper and took us to some great locations, but (sorry Renato!) Luciana was an outstanding hostess! She resisted my (admittedly half hearted) attempts to help her in the galley and insisted on doing all the work herself. She was charming and fun and she cooked with love and skill. Overall a wonderful week and I will definitely be using SailSquare again as a consequence. Many thanks!

Drew B. , USA

Charter Date: 2016-09-17

I had a fantastic week with Renato and Luciana. I wholeheartedly recommend it and look forward to another journey with them myself.

Michael C., USA

Charter Date: 2016-08-27

Mighty M and skipper Yiota were both excellent. We had a lot of fun sailing in the Cyclades. Very helpful base manager too. We will be back soon!

Vladimir M. , Russia

Charter Date: 2016-08-24

Dear Erato, thank you for the great holiday, you make a great crew! good food and drinks, beautiful islands and perfect weather. Wonderful!

Fabio L., Italian

Charter Date: 2016-08-20

Vacanza stupenda e indimenticabile con Renato e Luciana, persone molto attente e disponibili, vi porteranno in posti meravigliosi, dalle splendide baie incontaminate ai più bei paesini delle isole Sporadi. Barca bellissima dotata di ogni comfort e curata sotto ogni aspetto ottima la cucina presentata da Luciana, esperienza da ripetere, ovviamente con loro!!

Francesco M., Italia

Charter Date: 2016-07-16

Abbiamo passato una settimana bellissima alle Ionie. Il catamarano e ottimo per i bambini, piu spazioso della barca a vela che avevamo preso l'anno scorso. Skipper Apostolis e bravissimo e conosce la zona molto bene! Anche l'agenzia ha aiutato molto per l'organizzazione della vacanza, ha fatto assistenza in italiano perfetto in tutti dettagli. Grazie Sail la Vie!

Fung, China

Charter Date: 2016-07-02

A very impressive yacht!!! We enjoyed a wonderful day cruise to Aigina Island. Very helpful crew, good food onboard! Next time we want to cruise again on Sir Winston Churchill and hopefully spend more days.

Rick & Jennifer, USA

Charter Date: 2015-09-16

We were 4 couples from the USA cruising in the Saronic. Erato made our journey delightful. Spacious air-conditioned cabins and large decks, water toys to have sun with, a very helpful crew and so many enchanting places to visit! We will be back soon!

Alexandra & Lefteri, Germany

Charter Date: 2015-08-27

Dear Lik, This year again we had wonderful days on AGERI. We come again...and again...and again...and again! Your friends from Stuttgart

Svetlana, Russia

Charter Date: 2015-07-27

We really enjoyed our trip through the Greek Islands. The wonderful crew we had made our trip unforgettable and full of pleasure and emotions. This trip gave us inspiration for next year and we hope to come back to BEAUTIFUL Greece. The Russian Team Svetlana, Irina, Ekaterina, Evgeny, Vladimir, Stepan, Ilya

Mark R., USA

Charter Date: 2015-07-22

Dear Captain Lik, what a wonderful experience you helped to create for our J2A (Journey to Adulthood) group from the Christ Church Detroit, Michigan USA!!! Your experience with sailing the Dodecanese proved to be very helpful for all of us. We felt very safe and comfortable under your supervision. We will remember your kindness and easy going personality. Thanks for being a part of a life changing spiritual experience that we will NEVER forget.with warm regards Mark R. & Carolyn P.

Michael P., Capetown

Charter Date: 2015-07-03

Captain Lyk & Eva, We cannot thank you enough for the wonderful experience we have had! You are a great sailor (couldn't have moored the boat in some of those harbours without you) a great host and a great friend and Eva makes the best Moussaka! Thank you for sharing your boat with us and for taking us to all those magic places in this wonderful country. We have so many happy memories to take back home.

Sylvie P and friends, Canada

Charter Date: 2015-06-27

We had a great week! The captain always finds the best spots where to swim in wonderful bays. The meals are rich and the food is delicious with lots of wine and tsipouro. We had the perfect weather and enjoyed every moment. Thank You!

Coralia O., USA

Charter Date: 2015-05-30

We had an amazing time on Elvira! Captain Patrikis, Niko and Anna are wonderful hosts and made our cruise extra special! The captain planned our journey mad made all our desires happen. Anna is the BEST cook and a wonderful person. Nikos is more quiet but very nice too. We would highly recommend the Elvira and especially the crew to anyone - it has been a magical trip. The highlights were Anna's cooking, Paros Island and sailing with the dolphins

Barbara, Canada

Charter Date: 2014-09-20

If you were contemplating joining the Vancouver Squadron charter to Greece this year and didn't-you should have. It was terrific! The whole trip was wonderfully happy and successful, due in largest part to the tact and sensitivity of our tour organizer, Steve Katsipodas of Sail Greece. Thanks to Steve's skills in achieving consensus among eleven independent boaters from BC, his fluency in Greek, and his talent for finding new and fascinating things for everyone to do each day at each new island, I think we would all unreservedly recommend joining Steve on another Greek voyage. If the squadron puts another trip together next year, don't dawdle, GO FOR IT! It's wonderful!

Ray, Canada

Charter Date: 2014-08-15

Dear Steve and John, Homer's Odyssey is a wonderful adventure story about sailing the Aegean Sea of Greece. Our group of four Canadian couples sailed these same enchanted waters with our two captains, Steve and John. We sailed an Ocean Star 51.2 sloop from the Port of Lavrio near Athens. As we departed and sailed past Cape Sounion, we offered a libation to the Greek god of the sea, Poseidon, whose temple still adorns the crest of this rugged peak. Obviously, we did well, because our magical voyage led us from one wonderful island to another all the way to Santorini with its awesome towns on top of soaring cliffs. Each island had its unique vistas and culture and delightful dining. Our captains, both fluent in the Greek language, history and culture, guided us with walks and stories and culinary delights through each incredible day of our journey. They also reduced any anxieties we may have had through their expert handling of the comfortable boat as we docked safely at many ports of call and anchored to swim and stay the night at delightful hidden coves. Our two weeks of cruising produced a lifetime of memories and a renewed appreciation of the Greek culture, both past and present. Thank you, Steve and John, for all of this. It really couldn't have been any better!

Max & Deirdre, Canada

Charter Date: 2014-07-15

Hi Steve and John, What a trip!! Steve: We thank you for your hospitality, your skill at sailing and docking which gave us such confidence in our safety, your Greek cooking lessons, your ready smile, the perfect planning of places and docking in and out of the islands, the super hotel room from which we could lie in bed and see the Parthenon, the fun and fellowship of it all. John: We thank you for your hospitality, your insight into the understanding and history and philosophy of the islands, our guided tour of Santorini and the perfect lunch at the Blue Note, your surprise treats of candy and brandy etc., your sailing skill, the lunches you served from below when we were sailing, and the fun and fellowship of it all. You two guys are a well-oiled machine: two different parts that fit together so well. This was a trip that we will never forget and will rave about for years to come. Thanks again ...

Emmanuelle, France

Charter Date: 2010-08-11

Nous sommes 34 personnes dans 4 bateaux et nous avons le meilleur bateau et le meilleur skipper! Lick nous a mis des musiques sympa et nous avons dancer sous la douche.

Familie LINDBERG, Germany

Charter Date: 2010-07-24

Es war eine sehr schöne Segeltour, man konnte selber segeln und es hat grossen Spass gemacht. Dankeschön!

Jeremiah Lindberg, Germany

Charter Date: 2010-07-24

Wir konnten in den Buchten schnorchel und nach Muscheln tauchen - erfolgreich natürlich! Die vielen Kirchen auf den Inseln waren eindrucksvoll. Am schönsten war es nach einem Segeltag in den Altstädten einzukaufen und zu essen

Gina Calderon ,

Charter Date:

When we arrive we checked in on our cabin and that was it. No stress again for our bags, HERA was luxury and I believe one of the best boats I have sailed with.