Sailing Holidays in Megali Mpanana Beach, Skiathos, Sporades Islands, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Megali Mpanana Beach

Beautiful sandy beach located about 14 km west of the town of Skiathos in the southern part of the western edge of the island, after Koukounaries. Formerly called Krassa bay, its current name derives from the peculiar shape that looks like banana, It used to be a nudists’r shelter but in recent years, they moved to Mikri Banana nearby. The beach is organized with restaurants and cafes for food and refreshments, umbrellas and facilities for water sports. The sea is crystal clear, the golden sand calls for sunbathing and the environment is truly exotic with trees close to the sea that pops almost beside them. Located in the west, the beach has sun until late in the afternoon. All these features make it very attractive especially for young people who find here the ideal place for both a relaxing bath and wild fun.