Sailing Holidays in Vis

Vis is a town on the eponymous island in the Adriatic Sea in southern Croatia. The town is also the seat of the eponymous Vis municipality, one of the two municipalities on the island (the other one being Komiža) which both administratively belong to the Split-Dalmatia County. The town of Vis is located in a relatively large and protected bay on the north-east side of the island facing the island of Hvar and the Dalmatian mainland. The port of Vis is located in the south-west part of the bay. The port is protected from open sea influence by the islet of Host (named after William Hoste) and the peninsula called Prirovo (sometimes spelled "Prilovo"). Other ports are smaller and located in Kut and Stonca, which are also parts of the town of Vis. Vis is isolated from its fields (Dračevo polje and Velo polje) thanks to 250-300 m high hills which are important for the local citizens as the main source of incomes from viticulture. Other official parts of the town on the south and south-east coast are villages located on bays such as Milna, Rukavac, Srebrna, Stiniva, Stončica, although some of them have a tendency to become new towns. These bays and villages are, besides the town of Vis itself, the main source of tourist income for the whole island.