Sailing Holidays in Šibenik

Šibenik is a city located in Croatia on the Adriatic coast, in the bay of the Krka river. The city is almost a thousand years old and has become popular tourist destination. It is a great place to enjoy summer break. More than a million of tourists visit the city during year, either in winter or summer season. There are many attractions worth visiting in the city or in some of nearby villages. Many of them are of huge cultural importance, yet some have natural beauty. The city unites buildings and cultural monuments of different artistic styles through history. Some of the monuments come from the Middle Ages. If your time in Šibenik is limited, and you are wondering which places to visit and which not, then you should spend at least one morning (or evening) in the old town. Must see attractions include The Cathedral and fortresses Barone and St Michael. It would be a good idea to spend one day visiting National park Krka because it is really beautiful. That is true especially for winter season when the ticket is cheap. Most interesting events take place in the summer season. In early summer in Sibenik is held an international children's festival, an event that has a tradition of more than 50 years. The festival lasts about two weeks and consists of numerous events for children and young people. Šibenik chanson festival is a musical event of a long tradition that takes place in Šibenik in the second half of month August. The festival gathers the best musicians of Dalmatian music. Usually, once a week, there are concerts of Dalmatian Klapa Music in the city center. On the fort of St. Michael there is a summer stage where various musical events of domestic and foreign performers are held.