Sailing Holidays in Baška

Baska is a town located on the south east of the island of Krk. The birth certificate was created right here in 1100 - Baska tablet. Baska is interesting because of its characteristic architecture, numerous cultural and historical monuments and nearby outing paths. The town has a typically Mediterranean aspect, with stone houses and narrow streets. Tourism started developing at the beginning of the 20th century. Baska holds a large amount of historical sites (old buildings, palaces and sacral cultural monuments). Visit the parish church of Holy Trinity (the biggest church on this area, built in the baroque style at the beginning of the 18th century), St. John the Baptist church (the first parish church in this area from the 11th century), Church of Our Lady on Gorica (built at the beginning of the 15th century), Baska tablet (national cultural monument), Baska heritage museum, mrgare (drywall buildings in the shape of stone flowers) and countless other historical sites. Baska is adorned with numerous sand and pebble beaches, such as Vela plaza (pebble beach with a Blue Flag), Bunculuka beach (naturist camping site, the beach is pebbly) and Oprna beach. During summer, Baska hosts many festivities, such as: Baska cultural summer (organizes numerous festivities, exhibitions and cultural manifestations), "lignjada" (gathering of squid harvesters, after the harvest, the winner is pronounced and the manifestation ends with a true "Squid festivity", fishing night and countless other. Sports and recreation fans can enjoy tennis, football, basketball, mini golf, table tennis, free climbing, walking and different kinds of water sports. If you are willing to savor the delicacies of the island of Krk, visit the restaurants "Lantino", "Funtana" and "Portina", as well as the tavern "Vela Luka".