Sailing Holidays in Neas Krinis Marina, Kalamaria, North East Aegean, Greece with Sail la Vie!

Sailing Holidays in Neas Krinis Marina

On the south shores of cape Mikró Émvolo there is a small port suitable for berthing of pleasure and fishing boats. The small port is protected by a 400-meter-long windward angled breakwater of southeast direction, on the end of which a light operates, and a 100-meter-long leeward breakwater of southwest direction.

Its entrance is open to the southeast, with depths of approximately 4 meters on its axis. The entrance of the small port is difficult to recognize as the windward breakwater is covered by grass. The depths in the middle of the small port are 8.3 meters and decrease inside it. On its northeast quayed shores there are slipways and two floating jetties.

Vessels should communicate with the dock master before they enter the port. A mooring buoy used by the Hellenic Navy lies 40 meter southwest of the pier.