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The Municipality of Zagora Mouresi is hidden in the deep foliages. The capital is Zagora, 55 km away from Volos. The municipality of Zagora Mouresi includes the municipal districts of Pouri, Zagora, Makrirahi, Anilio, Agios Dimitrios, Kissos, Mouresi, Tsagarada and Xourihti.

In these villages you must add the sea-haven spots of Horefro, Agioi Saranta, Agios Ioannis, Papa Nero, Damouhari and Mylopotamos as well as the beaches of Ovrios, Elitsa, Parisena, Analipsi, Banikas, Plaka, Fakistra and Limnionas. All those villages being in complete harmony with the natural environment give the impression that they sprung up from the fertile soil of the mountain.

It seems as if they are hanging to the wild east side of the Pelion, generously offering to the visitor luminosity, sea, scents, picturesque landscapes, serenity and relaxation. Settlements blend absolutely harmoniously with the landscape. A symphony of the nature's orchestra in Crescendo. The respiration of Pelion's soil, the autumnal haze, the fall of the leaves, the endless hibernal white landscape, the spring's renaissance, the summer's nonchalance.

Throughout the year the region is hospitable and attractive to the visitor. During a long part of the year swimmers enjoy the crystal clear waters of the sandy or pebbly beaches, or get amazed to watch from the Pelion's slopes the sun spring. It's no wonder why the Olympian Gods have chosen Pelion as their summer resort.

Nature compensates the man. The Aegean's coastlines, at places wild and fascinating, at others sandy and serene, are in absolute harmony with the evergreen slopes. The visitor listens to the silent reverberation of the past and presumes the feeling of the present.

Don't miss the local spirit (Tsipouro) along with Kritama (coastal weed rich in iodine), Tsitsiravla (wild sprouts), and wild edible mushrooms (Macrolepiota procera, Boletus edulis - king bolete), all with the delicious olive oil of Pelion.

Navigational Aids


Ntamoucharis Anchorage

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 7
  • Built 2011
  • Length 39.86 ft

Agios Ioannis Small Port

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Small Harbor

At the north end of the village Agios Ioannis there is a small port, which is protected by two moles. The east mole is curved and it extends to the southeast for approximately 180 meters.

Chorefto Small Port

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Small Harbor

It is a small port on the shores of settlement Horeftó, protected by a windward curved mole that extends to the east-southeast for about 230 meters. Its entrance is facing southeast, with depths of 5 meters that decrease normally further inside it.

Agioi Saranta Beach

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The beach of Agioi Saranta in Pelion is found south of Chorefton has spotless crystal waters and a beautiful golden sandy beach, next to dense trees and rocks. The famous tall rock Kalogero is located there where the adventurous dive into the waters of Aegean.

Lagoon 50 Prestige

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 12
  • Built 2019
  • Length 50.00 ft


Tourkou Beach at Choreuto

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Plaka beach is after the small port of Agios Giannis, large enough with a lot of green, small pebbles and sand. In the beach, you will find umbrellas and deck chairs but make sure to have coffee and water with you.

The beach Parisena is north of Chorefton and is worthy to stop there to experience the pristine nature with lush vegetation. The green literally falls on the sand creating a marvelous exotic scenery.

Fairly wide sandy beach, 56 km from Volos and 4 km from Mouresi. According to a modern fable, the mixing of mountain and sea made this beautiful sandy beach, one of the finest in the country.

Ntamoucharis Beach

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Very beautiful natural small port at the eastern coast of Pelion that can be approached by boat from Agios Ioannis and Mylopotamos. Ntamoychari is very beautiful and particularly calm.

Limionas Beach at Xoruchti

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Less well known but a lovely beach in East Pelion. For lovers of wilderness and swimming.


For many, years this beach was the staple of Greek sea abroad. Here the green and light blue waters play with sun reflections.

Agios Ioannis Beach

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The idyllic Agios Ioannis or Ai Giannis is the oldest tourist resort of Pelion 52 km from Volos and 5 km from Mouresi, capital of the municipality. In front of the village, there is a beautiful spotless beach 800 meters long with golden sand.

Fakistra at Tsagkarada

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Wild, distant with pebbles, the beach of Fakistra is known for its turquoise waters and the very beautiful clean pebbles. There you can feel happy and calm.

Elitsas Beach

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The beach of Elitsa at Pelion is a small beach next to Analipsi. Visit the chapel of All Saints with the waves just a few meters from the entry of the church and a landscape reminiscent of Mount Athos.

The beach of Chorefton is one of the most beautiful and longest beaches of Pelion. Sandy coast with spotless sea, a lot of activities and facilities.

Analipsis Beach

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Vrios Beach at Ovrios

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The beach of Ovrios or Vriou is of natural beauty in the Eastern Pelion. It is known because of the German shipwreck still there at a distance of 50-60 meters from the coast.

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