Molos Fishing Shelter

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Sailing Tip

Fishing Shelter Molos is open to the southwest, its entrance is about 30 meters wide and the depths on the axis of its entrance are about 3 meters and decrease normally towards its inner part. The shelter is protected by two breakwaters. The leeward one is 80 meters long its direction is southeast and it is made of a slope of masonry. The windward one is 265 meters long and its direction is southwest.

Its outer side as well as a part of its inner side (from its head and for 103 meters to the root), are made of a slope of masonry therefore berthing to it is not possible. The remaining of the inner part of the windward mole, from the root and up to 162 meters to the southwest, is quayed and it can be used by small vessels.

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Achilli Marina

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On the west coast of the south part of the bay Achili there is a marina, protected by two breakwaters made of a slope of masonry. At the head of the north breakwater a light operates.

Oceanis 41.1 Class

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 8
  • Built 2017
  • Length 41.00 ft

Molos Anchorage

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Lino Beach

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Lino is a little sandy and pebbly beach on the eastern coast of Skyros. The beach is never too crowded and visitors can get anything they need from the beach bar.

Magazia Beach at Molos

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Magazia beach is found within a ten-minute walk down the hill from Skyros town, where a long stairway brings you to its dark sand. As it is the main beach of the only main town on the island, Chora, it can get rather crowded in the high summer season.

Lagoon 400 (4Cab) Economy

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2015
  • Length 40.00 ft

Molos Beach

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Molos beach is found only 4 km north of Skyros town. It is the most organized beach of the island with many accommodation options, taverns and hotels available in close distance.

The beach of Gyrismata is an extremely popular beach among locals as well as tourists. This long and sandy beach lies 5 km north of Skyros town and stretches over quite a distance.

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