Arkitsas Harbor

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The port of Arkítsa is located at a distance of approximately 0.5 miles southwest of cape Arkítsa. The settlement of Arkítsa (1135 residents) is located approximately 1 kilometer inland of the homonymous port. The port is the mainland terminal for vehicle ferries communicating with the port of Aidipsós (Évvoia).

The port consists of two quays: the east one and the west one. The east quay is approximately 75 meters long. It consists of a Ro-Ro ramp (70 meters long) with depths of approximately 1.5 meter. There are two Ro-Ro ramps on the north and the west side of the western quay, with nearby depths of less than 1 meter.

A fishing port is formed between the two quays and it is protected by a curved breakwater, which is set to the northwest.

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Skála Atalántis is the port of the settlement of Atalánti (6,127 residents), which is located at a distance of 6.5 kilometers inland.


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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 3
  • Built 2017
  • Length 41.86 ft

Livanates Harbor

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The small port that is formed in front of Skála Livanátes is protected from northern winds through a curved mole that is facing south-southeast (approximately 190 meters long). Its outer side is protected by natural rocks while its inner side is quayed.


Arkitsas Beach

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Very long sandy beach at the harbor up to Arkitsa and cape. An organized beach attracting many people during the summer months.


Beautiful beach with pebbles and sand, crystal-clear waters. This beach is suitable for kite surfing but not appropriate for beginners because the wind is unstable.

Lagoon 50 Prestige

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 12
  • Built 2019
  • Length 50.00 ft


Livanates Beach

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Great sandy beach in front of the settlement. An organized beach with palm trees and crystal clear waters with restaurants and cafes within walking distance.

Atalantis Beach at Skala

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Beautiful and clean sandy beach, awarded each year with the Blue Flag. You can enjoy a swim in the azure waters gazing Atalantonisi (or also called Talantonisi), a small rocky island with the picturesque chapel of St.

Palirroias Beach

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