Petrion Harbor at Petries

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The entrance of the fishing harbor is difficult to recognize by vessels arriving from the north or south. The entrance is open to the west, 80 meters wide and protected by two breakwaters.

The east breakwater is curved; it extends to the southwest and its total length is 250 meters. A light operates at its head. The outer side of the breakwater is made of natural boulders. The inner side, from the root up to 60 meters towards the head, is quayed and small crafts usually berth to it. The rest of the breakwater is made of natural boulders and berthing to this part is not possible.

The west breakwater is 110 meters long and extends to the south. Its outer side is made of natural boulders and its inner side is quayed.A light operates at the head of the west breakwater. The shores of the fishing harbor between the two breakwaters are quayed and in the middle there is a slipway. Vessels can berth stern to on the inner quayed side of the west and east breakwater and also on the quayed shore of the fishing harbor.

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Navigational Aids

Mourteria Bay

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Bavaria 38 Cruiser Economy

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 6
  • Built 2008
  • Length 38.00 ft

Petries Bay

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Korasida Beach

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Korasida is a beautiful pebbled beach, with turquoise waters (a perfect combination of mountain and sea). This beach is one of the most picturesque in Greece along with the Kalamos beach.

Fountaine New 45 Prestige

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2020
  • Length 45.00 ft

This is a little trick but as it is almost always very wavy there are breakwaters placed in the middle of the bay so the water from there to the coast is almost always calm. The beach has coarse sand and the water deepens abruptly.

Koskina Beach

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Beautiful small pebbled beach, perfect for those seeking secluded beauty. It is not organized.

The beach of Agioi Apostoloi is mostly known as “Petries” (the stones) from the homonymous village, located just above this very popular beach in Evia. It is a picturesque harbor with a beach, several tavernas and cafes.


Kalamos Divers

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Diving Center

The School is organizing excursions using a fully-equipped, 9-meter-wide ship. The winter excursions take place in the Gulf of Evia and the summer excursions take place in the Aegean Sea.

Petries Diving School

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Diving Center

The Petries Divers School was established in 2008, and quickly became a recognized and respected diving school. The diving school is a member of the international association of DAN EUROPE and is recognized by the Marine Ministry.

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