Kymis Harbor

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The port of Kými is situated at the northwest head of the bay of Kými. The town of Kými (Koúmi) with 3,674 residents is about 1 mile inlands of the homonymous port on a height of 200 meters, with the settlement Kými Beach adjacent to the harbor. The port is protected from northeast and east winds by a curved breakwater, the length of which is 1,340 meters. It extends from the shore to the southeast for about 350 meters, to the south for 480 meters, to the southeast for 160 meters and finally to the south for 350 meters.

From the south, the port is protected by an outer breakwater that extends to the east for 420 meters. At a distance of about 550 meters from the aforementioned breakwater and parallel to it an inner breakwater extends for 340 meters, at the head of which a light operates. The entrance of the port is facing south and it is 170 meters wide, while the opening of the entrance between the inner breakwater and the northeast breakwater is 120 meters.

On the root and the inner (north) side of the inner breakwater in front of the harbor Master’s office, there is a shipyard for small boats with a slipway and a small jetty. From the shipyard, the non-quayed coast extends to the north for about 180 meters up to the small harbor (marina) of the port of Kými. A curved quay, which has two sides, is formed north of the aforementioned small harbor.

The northwest side (Quay of Admiral N. Pappás) extends for 150 meters southwest of the root of the east breakwater. The depths near it do not exceed 1.5 meters. On its southwest end there is a ramp. The northeast side, which extends to the southeast from the root of the east breakwater, is 270 meters long. On its southeast end there is a ramp on which the ferryboats, which connect the port with Sporádes islands, usually land.

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Port Kymi Marina

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Lagoon 39 (4cab) Economy

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2015
  • Length 39.00 ft

Mourteris Beach

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The beach Mourteri is a long beach with sand and pebbles on the shore and pebbles on the bottom. Along the beach there are a few taverns and cafes.

The very clean beach of Stomio Oxilithos is with pebbles inside and outside of the sea. Along the beachthere are restaurants and cafes.

Bavaria C50 Prestige

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 12
  • Built 2019
  • Length 50.00 ft

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