Oreoi Port

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Sailing Tip

The port is formed by an angled, windward mole, which extends to the west for 125 meters and then turns southwest for another 110 meters and a leeward mole that extends to the northwest for 105 meters. The entrance of the port is formed between these two moles and it is facing southwest.

The width of its entrance is 90 meters and the depths on its axis are 12.5 meters. The north (outer) side of the windward mole is protected by a parapet (for 100 meters) and a slope of masonry, while its south side is quayed for 155 meters (from root to head), while an 80-meter-long part is protected by a slope of masonry. Both sides of the head of the lee mole are quayed.

There is a T-shaped iron pier (dimentions: 30X7 meters) about 105 meters south of the leeward mole. The depths close to its head are 2.4 meters. The eastern shores of the bay of Oreoí are wooded and low. As a result, the area is difficult to recognize.

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The small port Skála Aidipsoú is the terminal on Evvoia island for vehicles ferries communicating with the port of Arkítsa that is located 6 miles south of the opposite shores of Stereá Elás. The small port consists of a 200-meter-long quay, with a 40-meter-long Ro-Ro ramp upon which ferryboats usually land.

Bavaria 44 Economy

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 9
  • Built 2002
  • Length 44.00 ft

Loutra Edipsou

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Thermal Spring

Edipsos is the most famous resort to healing mineral baths in Greece. There are more than eight individual springs with waters ranging from 28°C to 86°C, which can be quite hot.

Agios Dimitrios Anchorage

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Oreoi Bay

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Lagoon 42 (6Cab) Prestige

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2019
  • Length 42.00 ft

Agios Dimitrios Small Port

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Small Harbor


Neos Pyrgos Small Port

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Small Harbor

Near the village of Agios Dimitrios where almost the bottom of Magnisia’s prefecture ends creating a creek. Deserted beach with red sand and a lot of trees that reach up to the water opposite the islet of Argyronison.

Absolutely deserted and isolated beach in the bight Pteleos accessible preferably by boat. Make sure to have with you all essentials.

Pebbled beach on the edge of the village Glyfa. The beach has large gray pebbles and crystal clear waters.


Organized public beach which meets the needs of all those who want to combine spa with salt water treatment. After the bath, beach Edipsos offers numerous cafes and restaurants in that area where you can enjoy your coffee or lunch.

Ilia Beach

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Elia beach is long and sandy with very clean and deep waters, perfect for playing. Access is easy, and you can enjoy a good meal at the nearby fishing village.


Kanatadika Beach

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The beach Kanatadika is in northern Evia in the most northern point, facing Magnesia. The beach is organized and a destination for many tourists.

Oreoi Beach

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The beach of Oreoi is essentially the harbor of Oreos, preferred for its fish restaurants and cafes where you can enjoy coffee or lunch overlooking the picturesque view of northern Evia. There is a small beach on the left of the harbor and several other beaches.

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