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Evia, a large island, has a somewhat mainland character, since two bridges, a modern suspended one and an older one, link it with Sterea Ellada, Greece’s mainland. Evia is a popular and nearby destination for the inhabitants of Athens.

Various findings found in several parts of the area (such as, Istiaia, Kirinthos, Psachna, Amarynthos, Artaki, Karistos) are evidence to the fact that Evia was inhabited since the Paleolithic Era. Important archaeological finding have been excavated from the copper period. Early and Middle Helladic ruins have been found in Lefkanti, Manika, Oreoi and Aliveri.

Finally, tombs and ruins of post Hellenic and Mycenaean era have been excavated in many areas of Chalkida. The ancient cities of Evia established important colonies in the Mediterranean sea (Chalkidiki, Asia Minor, Southern Italy), while Eretria was one of the most powerful cities during the Classic period.

During the Byzantine era, Evia was very prosperous and formed part of the Department of Greece. During the Ottoman occupation, Evia was under Turkish control even after Kapodistrias’ arrival (the first head of state of independent Greece), and it joined to Greece only after the decree of June 13, 1830.

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