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The peninsula of Méthana with its steep volcanic slopes is actually a volcano that emerged from the sea! Welcome the opportunity to explore a stunning volcanic landscape with dense vegetation, coastal villages and diverse flora and fauna. The establishment of the spa complex in 1870 made it a popular spa town attracting mainly senior citizens from many European countries.

Follow a fascinating route to the fishing village of Agios Geórgios and on to the Baths of Pausanias, one of the peninsulas’s hot springs or follow the footsteps of the ancient historian Pausanias to the ancient city of Méthana. In the village of Paleókastro the remains of the classical walls and gates of an acropolis stand, the rest of which fell into the sea due to a volcanic eruption. The peninsula boasts approximately 32 volcanoes.

Climbing to the largest crater is a truly challenging experience. Start from Kaméni Hóra and follow the path on a 25-minute climb to the lip of the volcano. Step on the now solid red lava flows and take in views of a different world of savage black, red and green crags and sharp abysses. Last but not least, soak up the atmosphere along the island’s volcanic beaches (Nissaki Ayion Anaryiron, Limniónas and Vathý).

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Methana Harbor

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Sun Odyssey 479 Class

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2017
  • Length 47.00 ft

Volcano of Methana

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In Methana there are 32 volcanoes. The last eruption of a Methana volcano happened in 1700.

Méthana Beach

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Nautitech 47 Power Prestige

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2019
  • Length 47.00 ft

Taktikoupoli Beach

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Vathy Beach

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