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Kropia is a municipality in East Attica and is located in the plains of Mesogeia of Attica, just 24 km from Athens. It is rich in vegetation and agricultural activity mainly in the field of oil and wine. There is significant industrial and business activity in the region and systemic production of wine. It has beautiful beaches that are especially crowded during the summer.

Navigational Aids

Immediately after the hole before Karamanlis phrase in Agia Marina in Lagonissi, is a small but very popular bay beaches. Blue waters and a tavern; Coffee is almost on the beach.

Dufour 34 Economy

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 6
  • Built 2004
  • Length 34.00 ft

Small sandy and pebble coves with rocks on the side sheltered from the northerly winds of the Saronic coast is about 35 km southeast of the city center. There is a beach but within walking distance you will find coffee and food.

It is the continuation of the bays of Agia Marina, only a little below the church of Agia Marina. The beach is protected from north winds and is about 34 km from Athens.


Fleves at Agia Marina

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Islet opposite the St. Marina in Lagonissi.

Lagoon 450 Fly Class

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2016
  • Length 45.00 ft


Immediately after Saint Dimitrios and just 35 to 36 km away from Athens you will find a beach with sand and rocks. During the summer months attracts many people and especially families since the water is relatively amicably.

A series of small sandy beaches separated by rocks and located almost in front of the church of Agia Marina, in the relatively sheltered from the northerly winds of the Saronic Gulf Coast is located about 34 kilometers southeast of downtown Athens. Although there is virtual is organized for families with children and of course a short distance you can find coffee and food.

A dry rock opposite the St. Marina in Lagonissi.


Diving Store Agia Marina

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Diving Center

The Diving Store was created from scratch by people who love to dive and love to help those who also have this passion. Our goal is to make diving accessible to all, with high quality service, irrespective as to whether we are providing education to young or old divers, or for already certified divers going on tours at home and abroad.

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