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Hydra, built in the shape of an amphitheater on a slope overlooking the Argosaronic gulf, is one of the most romantic destinations in Greece. Traditional stone mansions, narrow cobblestoned streets, secluded squares and above all the banning of cars and the use of around 500 donkeys as means of public transportation, explain the reason why Hydra preserved its distinctive character through the passage of time.

The island experienced exceptional economic growth in the past thanks to its great naval and commercial activity. The Hydriots also contributed significantly to the 1821 War of Independence as their powerful fleet participated in crucial sea battles. It is rather impressive the fact that such a tiny island is the birthplace of five Greek Prime Ministers!

Lavish stone mansions owned by important families (Voulgaris, Kountouriotis, Tombazis, Kriezis, Bountouris etc), and built by Italian artisans reveal the wealth that the island experienced in the past. Today most of these mansions house the island’s museums. 300 churches and 6 monasteries spread around the island as well as the cannons and the statues of the Independence War heroes still standing at the balconies of the islands create a romantic mosaic.

As you walk along the waterfront, the heart of the town, you encounter monuments, churches, canons, museums, old mansions, statues of famous heroes, the old gunpowder store, shops and cafes, while picturesque winding streets lead you to neighborhoods located at the upper part of the town, as well as to the old neighborhood of Kiafas.

Hydra is also a yachting paradise, as every summer groups of sailing boats moor at the harbor, where they are joined by dozens of sensational motorboats and yachts. It’s worth mentioning that Hydra became famous all over the world thanks to the film “Boy on a Dolphin”, shot in the island in 1957 with Sophia Loren as the leading star.

Hydra, a cosmopolitan, glorious and magnificent island, combined with tranquility and relaxation, offers entertainment all day long and a busy night life.

Navigational Aids

Hydra Harbor

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The harbor of Hydra is always very crowded in high season and is best avoided at that time. Early spring is the best time to visit, when it is usually possible to moor either on the south quay or the inside of the north breakwater (where, however, it shallows as you go further in).

Bavaria Cruiser 36 (3Cab) Econom

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Sailing Yacht for Charter

  • Berths 8
  • Built 2013
  • Length 36.00 ft

Mandraki Anchorage

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Mardraki is an attractive anchorage less than a mile East of Hydra Harbor. It is exposed, however, to the North Anchor in 3-6 m over sand, weed, and mud.

Kimisi Theotokou Monastery

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The Monastery of Dormition (Kimisi Theotokou), stands the middle of the quayside in Hydra's port. It was founded around 1645, based on the plans of Venetian and Genoese architects.


Spilia Beach Bar

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Lagoon 39 Class

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Catamaran for Charter

  • Berths 10
  • Built 2016
  • Length 39.00 ft

Sinialo Cafe

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Sinialo is a stylish cafe facing the port of Hydra. It serves coffee, drinks, snacks and a few traditional desserts.

Lagoudera, the previous name of Omilos bar-restaurant, was one of the most famous restaurants in Greece, visited by many international celebrities, such as, The Beatles, the Rolling Stones, Jackie Kennedy, Maria Callas and Aristotelis Onassis. It is situated in an excellent location, with amazing sea views and atmosphere.

The beach of Agios Nikolaos is well organized and has pebbles and clear water. It is located on the west coast of Hydra and specifically southwest, with slopes full of pines, which in some places reach the sea.

Molos Beach

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After the Palamida beach, the crystal clear waters of the beach of Molos follow next. It is a deserted area that offers visitors peace, tranquility and relaxation.

Spilia Beach

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Spilia beach is a continuation of the pier of Hydra and one can reach there on foot from the town moving to the west. The beach consists of rocks, but because of its position it has always a lot of people who enjoy diving in crystal waters.

Beyond the Vlicho's port, one will find the seaside village Plakes Vlichou. In front lies the organized beach with crystal clear waters, the hotel, the cafe and the restaurant.

Palamidas Beach

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Palamida is a rare beach, located at the south of Vlicho following a dirt track for 20 minutes and after crossing a stone bridge dating from the 17th century. Visitors of this beach might be all alone on this beach with the clear water.

Nisiza Beach at Zogeri

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On the east of the island we meet the deserted and unorganized beach of Nisiza, situated in a cove below Mountain Eros or Klimaki. The area is full of pine trees.


In short distance from the port, at the left side of it, it is situated the beach of Mandraki, which in the past used to be the military port of the island. Located within a small close cove, Mandraki is the best organized beach of Hydra.

Mikro Kamini Beach

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Next to Megalo Kamini lies a small and beautiful beach, the Mikro Kamini. This is a pebbled and organized beach, ideal for small children as the water is not deep but for every kind of water sports too.


Megalo Kamini Beach

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A particular picturesque fishing port is the large unorganized Kamini beach just 20 minutes from the town of Hydra. Ideal place to stay overnight as there are many accommodations or to just enjoy the authentic traditional cuisine at the surrounding restaurants.

Avlaki Beach

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Avlaki beach is a nice place to swim next to Hydroneta and near the town of Hydra. There is no sand or a large beach to spread your towel, but a small mole has been created for this purpose.

Limnioniza Beach

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Klimaki Beach

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A large pebbled beach is located at the east of the island and specifically under the namesake mountain called Klimaki, where very few private owned holiday homes have been built. The beach is not organized so be well prepared, taking with you some supplies.

Right after the Molos bay comes the beach of Kaoumithi, located on the edge of an area full of pine trees. The combination of the sight of trees and crystal blue waters compose a magical landscape, ideal for total relaxation and tranquility.

Hydroneta Beach

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Enjoy your swim and diving under the castle's cannons. The beach of Hydronetta is next to the one of Spilia and one can reach it by walking west from the town of Hydra.

Bisti Beach at Zogeri

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The beach of Bisti is also organized. It is located in the southwestern part of the island.


Vlychos Beach

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The Vlicho beach is located at the west of Hydra and you can get there on foot or by sea. The beach has gray pebbles, blue waters and its landmark is the church of Agios (St.

Dokos Island

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Dokos is one of the most popular yachting destinations in the Saronic Gulf. It is an isolated, almost uninhabited, island found between the southern coast of Peloponnisos and the islands of Hydra and Spetses.

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