Feast of Saint Paraskevi at Agios Nikolaos

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Pyrgou Beach at Purgos

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Located 1.5 km east of Agios Nikolaos, it is a deserted, pebbled beach, with spotless crystal waters, few stubbles, isolated cottages, rammed in the planes and a few fishing boats.

Found between Pyrgos and Ormos Panagias, it is an immense, exotic and quiet sandy beach with spotless waters. The light blue color of the sea, the white sandy coast, the green of the pine forest of Sithonia and the glaucus of classic Mediterranean olive groves blend harmoniously into composing an incredible mosaic of colors.

The beach of the homonymous settlement is sandy with crystal clear waters. There are restaurants, taverns and cafeterias.

Located in Ormos Panagias, it is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters. Restaurants, taverns and cafes can be found there.



A calm and sandy beach with thin white sand, crystal blue waters, and a few pines in the background. This is the scene in this small beach in the peninsula opposite the village of Ormos Panagias.

Lovely sandy beach with crystal-clear waters. A gulf with clean rocks on the edges and small rocks in the sea with taverns and cafes nearby.

Sandy beach with an easy access. Organized with water sports, sun beds, umbrellas and of course music.

Nikiti Beach

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The place to see and to be seen! For those wishing to be in the center of things, Nikiti which is in front of the homonymousous settlement is the suitable point as it is full of bars, taverns and shops. On the beach you can find umbrellas, deck chairs as well as various marine sports.


Nikitis Harbor

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Skála Nikíti is the small port of town Nikítas (2,883 residents), located inland, at a distance of 0.8 miles.

Atlantis Diving Center Sithonia

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Diving Center


Latoura Marina

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