Commemoration of Kassandra Holocaust at Nea Potidaia

Exploring Nea Propontida Sailing Holidays area

Festive events for the anniversary of the holocaust of Cassandra.

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Located in front of the Agios Mamas village. A deep blue sea and sandy beach 3500 meters long.

In front of the homonymousous village, the long beach is sandy and organized. It is the continuation of the beach of Agios Mamas.

An enormous beach with sand and small pebbles. It is found between Nea Poteidaia and Nea Fokaia.

The beach in front of the village is sandy and idyllic. Clean sea, marvelous beaches and a good tourist infrastructure.

Roughly halfway from Nea Fokaia to Afitos you will find the small and beautiful beach that is in front of the Hotel Aristotelis. White sand and small rocks are scattered on the beach.

Approaching Nea Poteidaia from Sani you will find a series of beaches where the trees are almost close to the wave. Many camping sites offer an alternative to the organized sections of the coastal area.


Portes Beach

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Lovely sandy beach and well organized with umbrellas, deck chairs, bars, etc. They are relatively near Nea Poteidaia and offer relaxation and entertainment to visitors.

ouzounis Beach at Portes

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It is the continuity of the beach from Portes. Very large, beautiful and well organized sandy beach, in the region of Varkes with extension to Nea Moudania, which offers a lot of activities and services to visitors.

Great sandy beach that extends from Nea Moudania up to Dionysiou beach. The beach is relatively organized and you can find sun beds, umbrellas, cafes, and taverns nearby, but also a lot of marine activities.

Just 2.5 km from Nea Moudania, Dionysiou beach is its extension.

Mouries Beach

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It is located in front of homonymous settlement, between Flogita and Dionysios beaches. It is separated both in the eastern and western sides since the land makes an indentation into the sea.

Constitutes a pole of attraction for tourists, while the village demonstrates a unique natural environment, with remote creeks, beautiful beaches and a clean sea. Both the entire area and this beach are organized.

Harbor of Nea Moudania

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The port of Néa Moudaniá is a small commercial harbor that consists of the inner and the outer port. The outer port, which is mainly used by cargo ships, is protected by two breakwaters.


Nea Fokaia Small Port

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Small Harbor

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