Aegean Regatta at Mytilene

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The Aegean Regatta is an international sailing organisation which started in 2001. Since then the Aegean Regatta sailed along the islands of Lesvos, Hios, Oinousses, Samos, Leros, Ikaria, Kos, Simi, Rhodos, Limnos, Samothraki, Andros, Lipsous, Patmos, Astipalea, Tilos, Skopelos, Amorgos, Kalimnos, Nisiros, Thasos, Syros, Skyros and continues to visit new destinations. Every year the participation was increasing until the entries became about 70-90, or some years even 100. A direct outcome of this great participation was the fact that every year more than 1200 sailors travelled from one island to another and reached islands which were totally forgotten. For the last 12 years, the Aegean Regatta has achieved, not only to strengthen the border islands and to bring the yachtsmen throughout Greece into contact, but also to give many foreign crews the opportunity to get to know the island culture. They all learnt to sail the Aegean Sea easily and to have quality and safe races.

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Navigational Aids

It is the only beach organized by the GNOT. Guests have to pay a small fee to use the equipment, such as umbrellas, deck chairs, you will also find pavilions and cafes.

Panagiouda Small Port

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Small Harbor

The entrance of the small port formed between the port’s north and south mole and is set to the southeast. There is a quay at the southern part of the port, with a small pier located at the quay’s eastern part.


Mytilene Marina

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Mytilini Marina is situated on a strategic location for sailing just opposite the Turkish coast at the northeast part of Mytilini's city, the capital of Lesvos island. It is a sheltered port of call or permanent base for yachts cruising the northern Aegean.

Mytilene Municipal Theater

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Modern Theater

The Municipal theater of Mitilini has been recently renovated and hosts theatrical groups, speeches and music performances.The interior of the theatre has a large, impressive auditorium with a 700-seat capacity.

Vareia Fishing Shelter

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Small Harbor

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