Feast of Virgin Mary at Fournoi

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The biggest festival of the island, folk feast in the main square of the island with traditional dances and songs. boiled goat is served.

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Fourni Harbor

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The harbor of Fourni gets a fair amount of swell with the `meltemi (the Etesians)` and to compound the problem its rocky bottom with a thin layer of mud provides poor holding.

The best place for a yacht is alongside the southern side of the ferry jetty at the SE side of the harbor, where there is space for two yachts to raft up, or (if a ferry is not parked there) alongside the northern side of the same jetty.

Pelekaniá to the north and Elidaki to the south is the first cove going south from Kampí it is also referred to in several charts as Kladharidi. Note that in some charts these coves are erroneously referred to as Marmaro.


Perokopió or Marmaro is a large and pleasant cove located 2.1 nM SE of Kampí.


The next cove south of Marmaro bay is Ayios Ioannis. There is a small village above the cove and a monastery.

Kasidi is an isolated cove is just NW of Cape Agridió and about 6 nM from Kambí. It is a lovely place with clear emerald-colored waters.

Vitsiliá is a lovely cove about 2.5 nM NE of Agridi.

Vlichada is the southernmost cove in Fourni just W of Cape Agridió. It provides good shelter from the 'meltemi' but is completely exposed to the south.

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