Hagia Sophia

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The Hagia Sophia (meaning Holy Wisdom in Greek) in Thessaloniki, is one of the oldest churches in that city still standing today and it is included in UNESCO's list of World Heritage Sites. About 50 A.D., while on his second missionary journey to Greece, Paul the Apostle visited this place and reasoned with the Jews of the city's chief synagogue on constructing Thessaloniki's first Christian church. Some of Agia Sophia's original mosaics have survived the turbulent history. Those on the dome date from the 9th or 10th centuries and depict the Ascension, with Christ seated on a rainbow throne occupying the central medallion. Below is the Virgin Mary flanked by angels and the Apostles divided by trees.

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Kalfayan Gallery

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Art Exhibition

One of the objectives of the Kalfayan Gallery is to bring the Greek public into contact with internationally renowned artists through its exhibitions. Every year Kalfayan Gallery hosts a unique exhibition.


White Tower

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The White Tower is located in Nikis street which is the sea boulevard and the most recognisable spot in Thessaloniki. The exact date of its construction is not known but most likely it was built sometime after 1530.



Sea World

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Diving Center


Triton Scuba Thessaloniki

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Diving Center

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