Thasou Marina

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The marina of Panagía Thásou is formed 0.2 miles southwest of the port of Thásos. It is protected by two moles. The east mole is 412 m long. It initially extends to the northwest for approximately 196 m, it then turns to the west for 168 m and it finally turns to the southwest for 48 m.

The west mole is 140 m long. It initially extends towards the north for 96 m and it then turns to the northeast for 44 m. A light exhibits from the head of each mole. The opening between the heads of the two moles is approximately 40 m and is facing the southwest. The depths at that point are between 3 to 4.5 m.

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Limenas Harbor

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The port of Thásos (Liménas) is the island’s principal port and is located at the southeastern border of the bay of Panagía. It consists of two sides: the small port and the marina of Panagía Thásou.

Thasos Theater

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Ancient Theater

It was built at the beginning of the third century BC. The proscenio was dedicated by the Thassian Lysistratos to Dionysus.

Saliara Beach

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It’s a fantastic beach. The azure waters, white sand and calm place travel you to other senses.

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