Limenas Harbor

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The port of Thásos (Liménas) is the island’s principal port and is located at the southeastern border of the bay of Panagía. It consists of two sides: the small port and the marina of Panagía Thásou. The small port is artificial, circular to its most, and is protected by two moles. The northeast is approximately 260 m long and the southwest is approximately 45 m long.

At the middle of the port, the depths are between 2.8 to 4.3 m and southwest of the bay there is a curved quay (being 200 m long) with the depths close to it being less than 1 m. At the quay’s western border there is a Ro-Ro ramp, which is used only for the mooring of ferryboats. The marina of Panagía Thásou is formed 0.2 miles southwest of the port of Thásos.

From the root of the west side of the western mole, the quayed coast extends to the northwest for approximately 70 m and it then turns to the southwest, where there is an 150-metre long Ro-Ro ramp upon which the ferryboats that connect the island with Kavála and Keramotí usually moor.

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Thasou Marina

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The marina of Panagía Thásou is formed 0.2 miles southwest of the port of Thásos.

Thasos Theater

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Ancient Theater

It was built at the beginning of the third century BC. The proscenio was dedicated by the Thassian Lysistratos to Dionysus.

Saliara Beach

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It’s a fantastic beach. The azure waters, white sand and calm place travel you to other senses.

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