Psakoudia Beach

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Beach Psakoudia is a unique beach, which impresses even the most exigent of visitors. Here the green of pine mingles with the deep blue of the sea and the sky, creating an image of natural beauty. The presence of pinewood characterizes absolutely the region while dominates all the length of the beach. It is said that the name of the Psakoudia settlement comes from the word ptsakia which in the local dialect means small pines. The beach that is extended in beam of 4 km, is ideal for swimmers of all ages and the sea of Psakoudia is ideal for lovers of windsurfing and other marine sports.

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Nikitis Harbor

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Skála Nikíti is the small port of town Nikítas (2,883 residents), located inland, at a distance of 0.8 miles.

Skala of Gerakini

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Neos Marmaras Harbor

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The small port is open to the southwest and covered from the west by a small peninsula of south direction, which is 300 meters long and ends up at cape Néos Marmarás. The opening of the entrance is 200 meters and its penetration to the north is 300 meters.

Ouranoupolis Harbor

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The small port of Ouranoúpolis is located near cape Pýrgos, in front of the settlement Ouranoúpolis (960 residents). A mole extending to the west for 78 meters protects the small port from south winds.

Trypitis Harbor

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Village Trypití is located in the northwest part of the coast of Próvlakas bay, with a T-shaped pier, 5 meters wide at its neck and 15 meters wide at its head. The waters near its head are 5 meters deep but they decrease normally towards the shore.