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Polygyros is the capital of the Prefecture of Halkidiki. There are different speculations about the origin of Polygyros' name. Some claim that it came from the combination of poly (much) and geros (strong), because of the healthy climate. Others believe that the words poly and ieros (sacred) have given the present name, because of an ancient temple in the area.

A nearby location called Panagia (Virgin Mary) is the setting of a famous religious celebration on August 15th. To the north of the town, the road climbs up the mountain where you can reach the peak "Tsoukalas" at 890 meters from where you’ll get a panoramic view of the three peninsulas, Sithonia, Kassandra and Mount Athos and the picturesque islands of Diaporos, Ammouliani and Kelyfos.

Located in the town center of the city, the Archaeological Museum of Polygyros contains findings from all over Halkidiki from the Bronze Age to the Roman period. Polygyros is famous for its carnival celebrations, attracting visitors from allover Greece which last for 12 days and mostly reflect local folklore.

They involve feasting to the accompaniment of traditional songs and dances. Moreover, they offer visitors the chance to drink much wine and eat various other local products, such as village sausages, pies and halvah.

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Skala of Gerakini

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From Psakoudia to Kalyves beach, Polygyros unfolds the enormous, lovely sandy beach of Gerakini with a market for shopping, food, souvenirs, footpath for walks, playground, marine sports (banana, ski, tyre, canoe, marine bicycle k.a), taverns, ouzo selling restaurants, bars.

Located between Gerakini and Olynthos, the sandy beach of Kalyves existed in the site of the ancient city Mikiverna which was independent and important, due to its location and port of the famous ancient city of Olynthos. No systematic excavations in the area of the ancient city have taken place however.

Metamorfosis Beach

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The beach attracts many visitors and is rewarded with a blue Flag. It is a great sandy beach with few small pebbles.

Nisi Beach

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Psakoudia Beach

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Beach Psakoudia is a unique beach, which impresses even the most exigent of visitors. Here the green of pine mingles with the deep blue of the sea and the sky, creating an image of natural beauty.


Chalkidites Diving Center

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Diving Center

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