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Paggaio is situated under the shadow of the homonymous mythical and sacred mountain. It is a lush green mountain with chestnut, pine, oak and beech trees. The region is rich in religious sanctums, and has been a place of piety for centuries.

Relics of Paleochristian churches are spread all across its expanse, some dating back to the 6th century AD. There are also many arched Byzantine bridges as well as many castles. Paggaio used to be a famous resort for recreational purposes.

All the districts of the town are interwoven with traditional architecture; the squares with the fountains and spring water, the alleys with the old houses and the new ones retaining the same traditional characteristics contribute to the diversity of the area.

Paggaio is a privileged municipality with an impressive coastline, where visitors can choose among several beaches, either organized or isolated crystal clear water and fine sand.

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Eleftheres Port

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Eleftheres Bay

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Nea Irakleitsa Small Harbor

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Small Harbor

The small harbor of Néa Irakleítsa is artificial and located just in front of the village of Néa Irakleítsa. Both its length and width are approximately 150 m.

Karianis Beach

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One of the most beautiful villages of the area. It has a green area and a splendid light blue sea with wonderful taverns.


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