Skotinis Beach at Paralia Skotinis

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Skotina attracts tourists mainly from Europe as it is situated in front of the blue Aegean Sea and the foothills of Mount Olympus. The bright sun and the vivid colors, the crystal sea and the golden sandy beaches remind us why the Greek Gods chose this area for their residence. The beach of Skotina is one of the most beautiful beaches in Greece. It is very well organized and safe, always clean and with lifeguards. Ruins of an ancient city which is believed to be Leidira, as well as the oldest wine factory in the world were discovered in Skotina. In addition, the International Center of Youth 'Olympus', one of the largest centers of the Balkans organizes in the summertime the Musical and the Balkan Festivals of Youth with concerts of music and dance by young artists.

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Olympos Mountain

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Olympos is the highest mountain in Greece and the second highest mountain in the Balkans. It is about 80 km southeast from Thessaloniki.


Platamon Small Port

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Small Harbor

Sandy beach with clear waters, small pebbles and rich vegetation, at the foot of mount Olympus. Organized and safe, it is suited for families and non families alike.

It is located 36 km away from Katerini and 56 km from Larisa and it is found at the south-east of the prefecture. The beach is under the castle of Platamonas, in a small creek and due to its location, it is occasionally also called Kastro.

Platamona Beach

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Immediately south of Skotina and Panteleimonas beaches, Platamonas beach can be found. It is 36 km from Katerini.

Neoi Poroi Beach

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Neoi Poroi beach is to be found next to Platamonas and mount Olympus. A wide sandy beach which is very well organized.


A sandy beach following Mesagkala beach whose sand is considered therapeutic for orthopedic diseases. Very near the beach you will find taverns, cafes, etc.

Enalios Diving Center Olympos

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Diving Center

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