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The entrance of the port is set to the east and is protected by a 120 m long breakwater made of natural rocks. It begins from the middle of the northeastern shores of the isle of Ágios Panteleímonas and heads to the northeast. The part of the breakwater from its root up to 100 m to the northeast consists of natural rocks, while the rest of it is quayed and with waters being 9 m deep.

The breakwater is used for the mooring of yachts only during the summer season and only when there is no other place for them to berth in the inner port. The entrance is also protected by a 110-meter-long mole, which is set to the southwest and begins in a distance of 100 m to the west of cape Provatína. The outer side of the mole is protected by natural rocks and its inner side is quayed.

A 90-meter-long quay extends from the root of the mole to the northwest. Professional tourist crafts and yachts berth to or moor at the quay as well as at the inner part of the mole, where the waters are between 5 and 10 m deep. The opening of the port’s entrance is approximately 120 m. The port’s east and northeast shores are quayed for approximately 300 m.

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Oinoussa Small Port

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