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There are many things to do in Nestos. Enjoy the flow of the river and the leisure facilities of the surrounding space. Observe Fraxinus, the tree from which the soldiers of Alexander the Great made their sarisas (long spears), visit the Forest of Kotza Orman, and see the estuaries and the rare flora and fauna.

Refresh yourself from the source water of Paradisos, a village next to the traditional cafe in the shade of the Church of John the Baptist. Walk beside the river, visit the archaeological area of Lithochori. Gaze the plain of the river and the Aegean Sea from the cafe theater of Zarkadia and visit the unique Lazaridis Folklore Museum in Petropigi.

Throughout the year and particularly during the summer the beaches of Timari, of Agiasma and the Ammoglossa of Keramoti await you with umbrellas and organized coffee bars. In the lagoons of the region,bird watching is a fun activity; seemigratory birds, flamingos, gulls and pefkotsikniades with unique colors and throws.

Navigational Aids


Keramotis Harbor

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The port of Keramotí is a natural port, located at the bay’s Keramoti eastern head. Ferryboats sailing from and to Thásos are landing there.

Keramoti Bay

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Erateinou Beach

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Keramotis Beach

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