Neas Irakleias Beach at Nea Irakleia

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It is found 5 - 6 km north-west of Nea Kallikrateia. Big sandy beach with spotless waters, beautiful and quiet beaches and scenic fish-taverns. Even if it is not a particularly organized beach you will find enough points where you can eat by the sea.

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The small port of Néa Kallikráteia is a fishing shelter that has been constructed in front of the settlement of Néa Kallikráteia (6.204 residents), a town in Chalkidikí.

Located in front of Knossos village. It is an enormous sandy beach with amazing light blue waters.

It is found roughly halfway between Nea Kallikrateia and New Irakleia. It is a sandy beach with golden sand and turquoise waters as the meaning of the name in Greek.

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