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On the outskirts of Nea Moudania, there is a vast olive plantation, a landmark which in 1923 was one of the attractions for the pioneer settlers of the town. Having passed the olive plantation, one can revel in the marvelous vastness of the sea, which looks ready to take the visitor in her bosom.

The depth of the waters is ideal for the little visitors, as well as for those who are not particularly good swimmers. At the beach of Nea Moudania you can enjoy your coffee, and the very fresh fish and also the ouzo titbits offered at the fish-houses.

At the highest point of the town, called ”the hillock of Panagia (Virgin Mary) Koryfini“ there is a pretty three-aisled basilica church, built in a captivating environment. The icon of Panagia Koryfini, which came from Kalolimnos of Asia Minor, is kept there. The Virgin is commemorated with large celebration on September 8th, which is a local public holiday.

Alternatively, visit the small village of Zografos, built around a monastery where a Byzantine tower and crumbling church still stand. The monastery of Agios Panteleimon - once used as a hospital - near the village of Nea Flogita, also makes for an interesting afternoon of sightseeing.

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Harbor of Nea Moudania

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The port of Néa Moudaniá is a small commercial harbor that consists of the inner and the outer port. The outer port, which is mainly used by cargo ships, is protected by two breakwaters.

The small port of Néa Kallikráteia is a fishing shelter that has been constructed in front of the settlement of Néa Kallikráteia (6.204 residents), a town in Chalkidikí.

Sozopolis Beach

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Located in front of the coastal settlement of Sozopoli. Enormous sandy beach linked with the beach of Nea Triglia.


Portes Beach

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Lovely sandy beach and well organized with umbrellas, deck chairs, bars, etc. They are relatively near Nea Poteidaia and offer relaxation and entertainment to visitors.

ouzounis Beach at Portes

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It is the continuity of the beach from Portes. Very large, beautiful and well organized sandy beach, in the region of Varkes with extension to Nea Moudania, which offers a lot of activities and services to visitors.

The beach unfolds along the length of the settlement where the clean sandy beaches entertain thousands of visitors during the summer months. Several miles of sandy beach with a sea that deepens smoothly.

Great sandy beach that extends from Nea Moudania up to Dionysiou beach. The beach is relatively organized and you can find sun beds, umbrellas, cafes, and taverns nearby, but also a lot of marine activities.

It is similar to the beach of Nea Plagia. Along the sandy beach, there are beach-volley grounds, refreshment stands, restaurants and bars where you can enjoy the crystal clear sea.

Approaching Nea Poteidaia from Sani you will find a series of beaches where the trees are almost close to the wave. Many camping sites offer an alternative to the organized sections of the coastal area.

In front of the homonymousous village, the long beach is sandy and organized. It is the continuation of the beach of Agios Mamas.

Located in front of the Agios Mamas village. A deep blue sea and sandy beach 3500 meters long.

An enormous beach with sand and small pebbles. It is found between Nea Poteidaia and Nea Fokaia.

It is found roughly halfway between Nea Kallikrateia and New Irakleia. It is a sandy beach with golden sand and turquoise waters as the meaning of the name in Greek.

Featuring fine sand, clear crystal waters and relatively small depth it is an ideal beach for small children. A well organized beach with services and activities for the visitors.


It is found 5 - 6 km north-west of Nea Kallikrateia. Big sandy beach with spotless waters, beautiful and quiet beaches and scenic fish-taverns.

Mouries Beach

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It is located in front of homonymous settlement, between Flogita and Dionysios beaches. It is separated both in the eastern and western sides since the land makes an indentation into the sea.

Located in front of Knossos village. It is an enormous sandy beach with amazing light blue waters.

Located on the coastline of the beach Vergia up to Nea Kallikrateia, Gallini beach is a great place to enjoy the crystal sea and the sandy beach. The coastline is characterized by low depth something which makes it ideal for families with small children.

Flogiton Beach at Flogita

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Coastal resort. The beach is shallow and has spotless waters, with the possibility of athletic activities such as beach volley.


Flogita Beach

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The beach of Flogita is sandy, with length of roughly 1 km and awarded with a Blue Flag. The sea, which is one of the cleaner seas of the prefecture, is particularly warm and its depth increases smoothly, with possibility for marine sports.

Just 2.5 km from Nea Moudania, Dionysiou beach is its extension.

The beach Vergia is found under Nea Silata in Chalkidiki. There the Byzantine settlement of Veroia was founded, now the seaport of the municipal department of Silata.

Petralona Cave

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Petralona cave is located near Nea Moudania, 300 meters above sea-level. The cave was discovered in 1959 and is world famous for the stalactite and stalagmite decoration as well as the skull and bones of the Archanthrope of Petralona.

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