Sigri Bay

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Small vessels can anchor close to the coves formed at the sides of the village of Sígri. Bigger vessels can anchor in the area situated in a distance of 0.3 miles bearing 107° the village’s fort in depths between 22 and 26 m, with not good holding ground. The anchorage of bigger vessels is affected by the north and northwest winds. The anchorage of smaller vessels is safe from all weathers.

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Sigri Beach at Eresos

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Ideal for swimming, even for little children or the elderly, Sigri beach is quite well equipped with sunbeds and umbrellas and is located in the outskirts of Sigri, 90 km north west of Mytilene town. With a tavern on the beach as well as a canteen which sells snacks and drinks, food is not a problem here.

It is a beautiful but distant beach. You can get there by taking the dirt road between Sigri and Eresos.

The beach of Faneromeni is found few kilometres north of Sigri. Is easily accessible with car but it has big waves when it blows a north wind.

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