Makris Gialos Anchorage at Pedi

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There are several beaches here which can make a nice anchorage with protection from the meltemi. In settled weather the sandbar in Aspróniso or Aspronísi makes a delightful anchorage. Anchor in 3-4 m over sand. Excellent holding. Danger: The area is full of reefs and rocks, so approach very carefully.

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Skala Sykamineas

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Tsonia Anchorage

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The small resort of Tsonia lies at the northern end of the bay of Neos Limin just south of Cape Ferros at the NE tip of the island. Anchor off the beach in 5.

Skala Mistegnon

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Small Harbor

There is an 80-meter-long pier at the northeast of the bay of Mystegna, which is set to the southeast. The pier’s outer side consists of natural rocks and mooring is impossible.


Aspropotamos Fishing Shelter

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Small Harbor


It is near the village of Mistegna. It is a beach with crystal clear waters that offers facilities for tourists and rooms for rent.

The north part of the beach is characterized by crystal clear, shallow waters and fine sand. The other side (south of the port) the morphology of the sea-floor changed completely: there are thick quite clearly pebbles with unique colors.

This beach is found in the most northern point of island, 49 kilometres of north-westernly city of Mytilene. The coast is constituted by sand and pebbles.

It is situated near the village of Kleio. It is a beautiful beach with crystal clear water and red sand that stretches for a length of 500 m.

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