Barbagiannis Museum at Plomari

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On the southern coast of Lesvos, Plomari, the ouzo capital of Greece, is built amphitheatrically near the sea and is the second largest town in the island after Mytilini. This is where the famous Barbayiannis Ouzo comes from as well as several other smaller labels like the excellent Ouzo Giannatsi, both distilled in the traditional method.The Barbayannis Ouzo Museum is located in Plomari in front of the Barbayannis Ouzo Distilleries, on the way to Agios Isidoros. In the museum visitors can see the original equipment used to bottle and label the famous Ouzo Barbayanni Blue, as well as the first alembic, constructed in 1858 in Constantinople. The Barbayannis Ouzo Museum includes a visitor`s center and a gift shop. Audio-Visual shows in English and Greek and Wine–tasting tours are provided.

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It is a sandy beach located near the village of Plomari. It is in a sheltered bay, the beach is characterized by large waves, so it is suitable for tourists who like waves.

It is situated near the village of Plomari. Beach with small pebbles and very clean crystal clear waters.

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