Pournias Small Port at Kotsinas

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The small port of Pourniás (or Porto Pourniás) is a natural port formed at the head of the homonymous bay. The port is formed between cape Pourniás and a location of the coast, at a distance of 0.6 miles to the east. The opposite coast forms a small, north-set projection, with rocks above and below the surface of the sea, surrounding it.

An 85-meter long pier is located to the southeastern limit of the head of the bay of Pourniás, just in front of the houses at the beach of Kótsinas. The pier’s outer part consists of artificial rocks. Its inner part is quayed, with depths less than 1 meter. Caution is required during the approach, because the depths are constantly changing due to the many siltings.

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Moudros Harbor

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The Bay of Moudros is one of the largest natural harbors of the Mediterranean. While it is in general safe, it is large enough to develop an uncomfortable swell during strong winds.

Pournias Bay

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Keros Bay

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Nea Koutali Small Port

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Small Harbor

Situated in the far northeastern part of the island, Neftina beach is one of the most stunning sandy beaches of the 100 or so beaches across Lemnos. To reach it, follow the ring road from the capital town of Myrina and move towards Agios Alexandros village.

In the trick of Mpournias you can enjoy the shallow waters of beach Kotsinas. It is the busiest beach of the region, suitable for children.

This quiet and serene beach of Agios Ermolaos is known for the breathtaking landscape that surrounds it. Located near the beach is the hamlet of Propouli, and the beach is easily accessible through taxi or private car.

Keros Beach at Moudros

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Keros is an endless beach with soft white sand, distinguished for its natural beauty. It is located on the eastern coast of Lemnos, 32 km from Myrina and 2 km from Kalliopi village.

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