Nea Fokaia Small Port

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Sailing Tip

The entrance of the harbor is open to the northeast. Vessels entering the harbor should use the north entrance formed between the head of the jetty and the north head of the breakwater, as the south entrance is not sailable. Upon the heads of the breakwater as well as upon the head of the jetty there are light bases but no actual lights have been installed.

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The beach in front of the village is sandy and idyllic. Clean sea, marvelous beaches and a good tourist infrastructure.

Roughly halfway from Nea Fokaia to Afitos you will find the small and beautiful beach that is in front of the Hotel Aristotelis. White sand and small rocks are scattered on the beach.

Afytos Beach at Afutos

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Spotless aquamarine waters, beaches with sand, piney coasts and atmospheric beach bars, with a view to the scenic small port of Pounta. Afitos has a long coast for a swim.

Constitutes a pole of attraction for tourists, while the village demonstrates a unique natural environment, with remote creeks, beautiful beaches and a clean sea. Both the entire area and this beach are organized.

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