Kanistro - Agios Nikolaos Beach

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In the most southern part of the peninsula, this is a favorite destination for those who love free camping; caravans parked almost on the edge of the steep rocks with their owners enjoying the best view of the Aegean sea with the Sporades islands popping up on the horizon. If the atmosphere is clear, the ridges of mountain Pelion are visible.

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Thermal Spring

Kanistra is a very relaxing place. Rocks, sand and pine trees give visitors the calmness they need.

Paliouri Bay

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Agios Nikolaos Anchorage

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Beautiful beach with a bar in front of the hotel Likithos. Sand with spotless crystal waters.

avlaki Beach at Paliouri

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Deserted and secluded beach with pebbles and deep blue waters. Access by boat is best.


Deserted beach next to Poseidonas beach. Sandy beach, ideal for those who search isolation and a quite swim.

Deserted beach with pebbles and waters of the deep blue Aegean sea, ideal for those who seek isolation. This is the utmost of the peninsula and access is best by boat.

Paliouri Beach

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The coastal side of Paliouri. The fun coast of Eastern Kassandra fills stiflingly, constituting simultaneously a point of departure of small boats that offer cruises with destination the opposite Marmaras.

Located just after Glarokavos and before Paliouri beach. The name Chryssi Akti really describes what you will find there: a golden sandy beach and a clear blue sea.

It took its name from the homonymousous natural bay, the ideal point to tie up your ship. The characteristic marine color is due to its small depth.

The islets of Anagnostou, Philippidis and Kolomparou, compose the Spalathronisia complex, a series of lovely, small, isolated beaches and clusters of small islands ideal for diving. The visitor can visit these coasts by boat and enjoy the crystal-clear blue sea and the golden sun.


Beach between olive groves and a few pines. The area is a sandy band of ground; when not covered with waters, it allows you to walk to the small peninsula-island, called Pounta, or Gerochristo, as it is called by the locals.

An isolated beach with pebbles and of course the deep blue Aegean sea waters at the tip of the peninsula. Access by boat is best; have with you all your essentials.

Triton Scuba Paliouri

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Diving Center

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