Kerame Beach at Evdilos

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The beach of Kerame is found at 10 km from Agios Kirikos, at the north-eastern tip of Ikaria, and is a beautiful sandy beach that obviously has the characteristic crystalline waters that define most of Greek beaches. Kerame beach has some rocky formations that end up in the sea, providing some sheltered spaces. It has also some trees that provide nice shade. These combined with the blue colour of the sea make Kerame look like a paradise. There are several great hotels and other available accommodation options that use their closeness to this beach as a positive point to attract visitors. Regarding the facilities on Kerame beach, these are mainly a tavern and a shower.Kerame Beach is directly reachable by a 10-km road from Agios Kirikos.

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Evdilos Port

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Karavostamo Small Port

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Small Harbor

Kampos Beach at Evdilos

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The long sandy beach of Kampos is located in the homonymous village, 40.5 kilometers north-west of Agios Kirikos.

The village of Karavostamo is located east of Evdilos, the second port of Ikaria, and counts on a nice and well reputed long beach with sand and pebbles, and crystal clear water like most Greek islands. Karavostamo beach can be reached either by the 2 km gravel road, or by the 1 km old foot path.

On Ikaria Island, tourists can enjoy the solitude of Kiparisi Beach. Kiparisi offers tranquil blue limpid waters contrasting with the hills behind the beach, full of lush green vegetation.

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