Kampi Anchorage at Fourni Islets

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Kampí is a small cove just south of the Fourni harbor. It is well protected from the 'meltemi'. We have weathered here a force 9 gale blowing for several days. The bottom provides much better holding than Fourni harbor but it is fairly deep and care must be taken during anchoring. Allow at least 45 m of chain. A concrete, L-shaped jetty extending out from the beach offers room for 3/4 yachts bow or stern-to. On the western shore, the proprietor of the local taverna To Kampí, has made concrete columns on the rocks for securing a shore line. It is best to use two lines. He also (2001) has placed three laid moorings but in May 2010 only one was there. These are much easier and more secure than anchoring. Please do keep in mind, however, that if you do use them you are morally obligated to eat at least one meal at his restaurant. Care must be taken approaching the rocks with an inflatable. They are very sharp and full of sea urchins. The wind here, as in most of Fourni, has violent gusts and seems to come from every direction. Ashore, there is a small restaurant (the owner of the moorings and columns) with wholesome home cooking and very fresh fish. There is an uphill path that connects with the road leading to the town, about 30 minutes on foot.

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Pelekaniá to the north and Elidaki to the south is the first cove going south from Kampí it is also referred to in several charts as Kladharidi. Note that in some charts these coves are erroneously referred to as Marmaro.


Perokopió or Marmaro is a large and pleasant cove located 2.1 nM SE of Kampí.


The next cove south of Marmaro bay is Ayios Ioannis. There is a small village above the cove and a monastery.

Kasidi is an isolated cove is just NW of Cape Agridió and about 6 nM from Kambí. It is a lovely place with clear emerald-colored waters.

Vitsiliá is a lovely cove about 2.5 nM NE of Agridi.

Vlichada is the southernmost cove in Fourni just W of Cape Agridió. It provides good shelter from the 'meltemi' but is completely exposed to the south.

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