Lithi Beach at Mastichochoria

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Lithi is a bay at the southwest part of the island, with a fine sand suitable for beach games and relaxing sunbathing. The area has restaurants and taverns offering fresh seafood. The beach is located about 1Km far from Lithio village is located about 1 km from the beach, offering several shops for provisions. Lithi beach is ideal for sea kayaking. Visitors will have the opportunity to explore nearby places with the kayak. The sea trip starts from Lithi, ends at Elata and lasts approximately 3 hours, as covers more than 6 miles.

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Lithi Harbor

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The small port is protected by two moles. The north, curved mole initially extends to the northeast for approximately 80 m and then turns to the southeast for approximately 20 m.

Mesta Harbor

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The harbor of Mesta or Limenas is on the S side of the W coast of Chios. While there is protection from the meltemi (the Etesians) behind the mole, the swell can be uncomfortable.

Panagia Krina at Vavyli

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Panagia Krina is located in central Chios, close to Vavyli village. It was built in the 12th century.

Nea Moni

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It was built in 11th century and it is a great architectural and artistic treasure. It is located in a spectacular setting high in the mountains overlooking Chios town.

Mesta Village

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Mesta is a famous traditional medieval settlement on the south western part of Chios island. It was built during the Genoese domination.

Didimes (= the Twins) is located on the road from Limenas Meston to Elata, about 5 Km. from Mesta.

Elinta is a well sheltered bay at the west part of the island, near Anavatos. It is a wonderful beach with thick sand and clear waters, ideal for swimming and sunbathing.

Limenas is located at the SW part of Chios, 4 Km. from Mesta.

Metohi is located at the west part of chios, 2 km southwest of Siderounda village. It is a wonderful beach with thick sand and little pebbles.

Tigani is a beach located near Siderounta (2 Km. SW of the village), at the west part of Chios.

Trahili beach is located at the western part of Chios, 5 klm northern of Lithi. It is a pure sandy beach with crystal waters.

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