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According to mythology, the city was founded by Hercules in commemoration to a companion of his, named Avdiros, who was killed in one of Hercules's quests against the wild horses of Diomedes. The ancient city of Avdira was a major cultural and spiritual center of the greater Hellenic area during the classic period and the place of origin of famous philosophers and scientists, such as Protagoras and Demokritos respectively.

Extensive excavations conducted in the area over the years have unearthed the ruins of a thriving, powerful, typical coastal city of the classic period. The most significant landmark of the site is the ancient graveyard of the city which has been the source of very significant discoveries.

The city continued to prosper through the Roman and Byzantine periods as is signified by the discovered ruins of the Roman baths and early Byzantine churches. If you travel to Avdira don't forget to visit Agios Ioannis beach, near the village Lefkippos as well as its Archaeological Museum. Close to Avdira is also the seaside village of Porto Lagos located at the narrow land straits that separate lake Vistonida from the synonymous nearby bay.

The greater area forms the combined aqueous ecosystem of the Vistonida lake and the Porto Lagos swamps and marsh-lands network. The flora and fauna of the area is extremely rich and the landscape is a colorful combination of interchanging riverside forests, cane-fields and marsh-lands.

From Porto Lagos the traveler may tour the lake and visit the monastery of Agios Nikolaos which is built on an islet at the center of the lake. The view of the lake from the monastery is majestic and the idyllic and tranquil landscape will offer a few peaceful moments of pure rewarding recreation.

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