Eirini Beach at Purgadikia

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One of the most beautiful sandy beaches.

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Latoura Marina

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Pyrgadikia Bay

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Diaporos Anchorage

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Pyrgadikia Fishing Shelter

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Small Harbor


Small creek under Thalassokipos Hotel. The pines almost reach the sea and the beautiful sandy beach with crystal blue waters can satisfy even the most demanding of visitors.

A long and wide beach separated by high cliffs. It has pebbles near the sea and sand covers the rest of it.

Metamorfosis Beach

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The beach attracts many visitors and is rewarded with a blue Flag. It is a great sandy beach with few small pebbles.

Porfi Beach at Nikiti

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Sandy beach at the northern end of Nikiti with direction to Metamorfosi. The part of the beach in front of the hotels is organized with umbrellas and deck chairs but the rest offers quietness and isolation.

With sand and shallow waters, it is particularly popular to families. At the beach there is a tavern and a beach bar.

Sandy beach with an easy access. Organized with water sports, sun beds, umbrellas and of course music.

Lovely sandy beach with crystal-clear waters. A gulf with clean rocks on the edges and small rocks in the sea with taverns and cafes nearby.

A calm and sandy beach with thin white sand, crystal blue waters, and a few pines in the background. This is the scene in this small beach in the peninsula opposite the village of Ormos Panagias.



Located in Ormos Panagias, it is a sandy beach with crystal clear waters. Restaurants, taverns and cafes can be found there.

The beach of the homonymous settlement is sandy with crystal clear waters. There are restaurants, taverns and cafeterias.

Found between Pyrgos and Ormos Panagias, it is an immense, exotic and quiet sandy beach with spotless waters. The light blue color of the sea, the white sandy coast, the green of the pine forest of Sithonia and the glaucus of classic Mediterranean olive groves blend harmoniously into composing an incredible mosaic of colors.

Pyrgou Beach at Purgos

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Located 1.5 km east of Agios Nikolaos, it is a deserted, pebbled beach, with spotless crystal waters, few stubbles, isolated cottages, rammed in the planes and a few fishing boats.

Salonikiou Beach

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Open beach ideal for sailing. It is a spotless, sandy beach where small rocky ledges distinguish it from the other nearby beaches.

Found at the head of Singitic Gulf, between Pyrgadikia and Agios Nikolaos, roughly 700 meters from the Salonikiou beach. Beautiful, big sandy beach.

Beautiful gulf next to the Talgo beach. A sandy private beach with beautiful waters.

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