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Voreia Kynouria is located in the eastern part of the regional unit, between the northwestern shores of the Argolic Gulf and northern Laconia. Astros is the seat of the municipality, which is the largest in Arcadia and has the greatest number of communities and settlements.

The panoramic view from Astros includes portions of the promontory protecting the harbor, and the western and the southern portion of Argolis, except for the most low-lying areas. This view sometimes includes the shoreline communities, but these can only be seen on clearer days. The western portion of the island of Spetses is only occasionally visible. Paralio Astros, the port serving the inland town, has beaches and a harbor which can accommodate small ships.

The castle located on the south summit of the hill called "Nissi" was built in the Medieval period and was later remodelled as a strong defensive complex. In the 18th century, the three Zapheiropoulos brothers, merchants living abroad, returned to their home town to fight for the Greek revolution and built their houses inside the castle.

The seaside vacation centers, Paralion Astros, Xiropigado, Portes Meligous, Vervena Coast and Agios Andreas Coast, as well as the beautiful traditional villages, being under the state’s protection, Agios Petros, Ayiannis, Doliana, Vervena, Kastanitsa, Kastri, Platanos and Prastos, offer even to the most discriminating of visitors a great number of options.

The amazingly beautiful beaches of the area are translucent and ideal for swimming; likewise the switchback ways are a great alternative solution for those who prefer to get with the forest and its relaxing calmness.

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