Koroni Port at Pylos

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Harbor Korónis is located about 0.5 miles W of cape Livádia, in the middle of the N coasts of Korónis peninsula. Koróni settlement is situated inland. Koróni is a seaside town that belongs to the prefecture of Messinía. It is 52 km SW of Kalamáta and has a population of 1668.

It is well-known for the Venetian castle that stands on the highest point of the city. To the SE of the settlement stands a castle, which spans the cape to the E of the new town and is built over the ruins of the ancient town of Asíni.

The harbor is protected by a curved mole, which extends NNW for 280 m. Its final NW part, 80 m in length, is made of natural boulders and cannot be moored to. Depths near the head of the mole are 5 m, decreasing gradually to its root. The S coasts of the harbor are quayed for 450 m with depths of less than 1 m near them.

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Koroni Beach

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Faneromeni Beach

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