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Notia Kunouria

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Notia Kynouria is the eastern part of Arkadia. It combines the deep crystal waters of the Argolic gulf with the endless pine and chestnut trees of the Parnonas mountain range. It is characterized by the minimal degree of touristic exploitation and the respect to its unique architecture.

The mountainous interior of Notia Kynouria is a place with deep gorges and mild slopes covered with pine and chestnut forests. In that area several beautiful villages are located.

Leonidion is the capital of Notia Kynouria. It is a small town built in a narrow valley under huge and very steep red-colored cliffs--a very impressive site. What is more impressive though is the well-preserved local architecture. It is the center of Tsakonia region and the tsakonian tradition which is deeply rooted in ancient Greece. It is still represented today by the tsakonian dialect.

Leonidio is famous for its local custom on Easter Sunday, in which,at the stroke of midnight, the sky is lit up by hundreds of multicolored hot air balloons which are rising into the horizon for over thirty minutes before burning out or disappearing.

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Tyros port

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Tyros is a tourist town and municipality in Arcadia, Peloponnese, Greece. It lies in the heart of Kynouria, between the Parnon mountains and the Myrtoan Sea.

Tyrou Beach at Paralia

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Plakas Leonidiou Small Port

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Small Harbor

Kryoneri Beach

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Lakkos Beach

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The beach Lakkos is located in Arkadia, and it is big enough beach with pebbles and waters that have deep green colour. A lovely beach that deserves a visit.

Leonidio Beach

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Livadi Beach

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Livadi Beach is the southernmost part of the Municipal Section Tyros and unfolds at the front of the homonymous small settlement. Livadi Beach has clear waters and beautiful natural environment that continues to the north mingling with the slope.

Poulithra Beach

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Poulithra is a picturesque seaside village, 9 km southeast of Leonidio, the capital of Kynouria of Arkadia and southern of Plaka. It combines harmoniously the mountain with the sea as it is located 2 km from the beach and is enhanced by the presence of the beautiful natural environment which surrounds the area.

Sampatiki Beach

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The beach of Sampatiki with the graphic small port and the beautiful small settlement constitutes a point of attraction for many tourists during summertime. On the beach the small church of Virgin Mary can be found , while in the bight they tie up a lot of fishing boats.

Tyros Beach

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The beach of Tyros is one of the finest holiday resorts in Peloponnesus. It offers numerous hotels, apartments, tavernas and a colorful nightlife.

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