Pounta Beach

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This is nice long sandy beach on the cost of Peloponesse across the island of Elafonissos. The beach often changes shape due to weather and Ferry boat traffic.

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Elafonisos Harbor

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The harbor is open NNE and its entrance is 130 m wide, formed by the outer root of the windward mole of the fishing shelter and a jetty that extends NW for about 70 m. The middle of its inner part is widened.


Lefki Anchorage

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Lefki is maybe the best shelter from the meltemi and the prevailing West winds. It is a very pleasant isolated anchorage.

Sarakino Anchorage at Lefki

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Sarakino is a large cove on the South side of the island. Its sand dunes make it very attractive.

Elafonisos Small Port

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Small Harbor

Kalogeras Beach

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Essentially it is a continuation of the beach Kontogoni, located west of the village and continues after the cape where there Kalogeras not suitable for swimming because the bottom of the sea has plates. Wealthy unique dunes and huge trees 'Thalassokedra'.

Megalo Tigani Beach

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Beach in the village on the east side, which initially limited the horizon of the ferry boat. Brought the final end of concreting few years ago.

Large and magnificent huge beach south of the island, opposite the island of Kithira and Sarakiniko. Incredible colors, emerald sea, and fine sand in white golden color, a unique landscpae in Greece.


Lefki Beach

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Beach at the bay on the west coast. The only shelter from the south - southwesterly winds.

On the eastern part of Pounta, across the islet of Petri (Pavlopetri), lies the homonymous beach. It was affected by sand movements in the last few years and now it is shorter with more shallow waters.

Sandy beach which starts from the entrance of Round Lake as a natural extension of the north coast Pavlopetri sandy stretches to the point where the community of Elafonissos ceases. Especially quiet beach since the approach requires to circle the lake.

Great sandy beach in the western part of the island which is protected by numerous islands that surround the sea side and in the interior of the island protected by a wall of cedar trees. Abound Sempre Viva flowers and beautiful plants spring up in June.

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