Plytras Harbor

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Harbor Plýtra is on the E coasts of Xylís bay, in front of the houses of Plýtra settlement. It is the seaport of Pappadiánika settlement, which is situated about 2 miles inland to the NNE.

The harbor is open SW. It is protected from S winds by a windward mole extending SW for 220 m. The outer side of the mole is made of natural boulders and has a parapet; its inner side is quayed. At the head of the mole stands a light (36°41´.2 N – 022°50´.3 E).

At the root of the mole there is a small harbor which is used by fishing vessels for mooring. A jetty extending NW for about 50 m protects the small harbor from SW winds. Its coasts are quayed and have depths of about 1 m near them. To the SE, near the mole, the ruins of an ancient town can be seen under the water.

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