Agios Andreas Small Port

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Sailing Tip

Small port of Agios Andreas (36°51´.7 N – 021°055´.4 E) is in front of the namesake settlement. The harbor is open N, has an entrance opening of about 30 m and depths of 1.7 m along the entrance axis. It is protected by a windward mole extending SE for 150 m. Its outer side is protected by rock ballasting, its inner side is protected by a quay with depths of 0.5–1.7 m near it and by a leeward curved mole extending NE for 80 m.

At a distance of about 20 m NW of the root of the leeward mole lies a triangular jetty, extending N for 30 m. Depths near the jetty are about 1.3 m. The coasts of the small harbor are quayed and have a slipway almost in the middle of their NW part. Caution! There is frequent silting of weed at the entrance of the small harbor and in the basin.

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